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Every football fan has their favorite seats. The ones they go for time and time again. Do you love the endzone? Or do you like to be high up with a view of the whole field? Or have you been one of the lucky ones to get 50-yard line tickets?

There are thousands and thousands of seats in an NFL Stadium and whether you have a favorite spot or not – there are a few spots that stand out to the experts as the best seats in the house. 

Best Bang for your Buck? 

Any seats in the lower level of an NFL stadium are going to be pricey. Your most affordable option is to go up in the rows of the endzone or corner sections. But if you have your choice, many say the corner seats offer a better view of the field. You will usually find a great view of all the action over the entire field since you will not have to look from one side to another.

Tough to Get Luxury.

Know anyone who can get you skybox seats?  That is just about the only way to get your hands on tickets to the skybox is to be someone who knows someone at the stadium. If you want to rent a skybox,  it’s not going to be cheap.

Many will say the price is justified. For one, you get door to door service. There’s no fighting the crowd. There’s usually a private entrance and once you arrive drinks and food are laid out for you – it’s all part of the package. But it gets better, instead of regular seats, you’ll be seated in comfy chairs. Your view will likely be unrestricted. And you still enjoy the game no matter the weather! Rain, snow, hot, cold or anything else won’t bother you. A high price tag, but the perks may be worth it! 

Best Seats in the House! 

But for those who love the game of football, the 50-yard line lower-level positions are the best seats in any stadium. While they are often quite expensive, you do get an incredible view of the game! Now, ideally you’ll want to be about 5 – 15 rows up. You will be behind a team’s bench, so you’ll want to see over the players heads but you will also be close enough to feel a part of the action! 


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