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Mission Statement


TixForGood is dedicated to fostering positive change within your community by bridging the gap between businesses and non-profit organizations. Through our innovative platform, we strive to empower non-profits of all sizes with the resources they need to make a lasting impact.


  • Connect businesses with over 140 charities and non-profit programs.
  • Empower non-profits and tax-exempt organizations with fundraising amenities and support.
  • Facilitate partnerships, mentorships, and professional development opportunities between sponsors and non-profits.
  • Multiply the impact of sponsor contributions through our unique fundraising model.
  • Promote positive brand exposure for sponsors through various channels and events.


Our vision is a thriving community where businesses and non-profits collaborate seamlessly to address pressing social issues, drive meaningful change, and leave a legacy of compassion and empowerment.


  • Expand our network of sponsors and non-profit partners to maximize community outreach.
  • Provide efficient and secure online fundraising platforms for non-profits.
  • Increase donor engagement and participation through exciting prize incentives.
  • Host successful charity events, including golf tournaments, to raise funds and awareness.
  • Become the go-to platform for businesses and non-profits seeking to collaborate for social good.


We aspire to be the driving force behind transformative social change in New Jersey, where every contribution, partnership, and initiative brings us closer to a more equitable and prosperous future for all.